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The ACSM blog brings you up-to-date commentary from top ACSM experts around the world. After two years of training, cardiovascular health was dramatically improved!Opinions expressed in the Sports Performance Blog are the authors’. Fitness increased by almost 20 percent, meaning on average the cardiovascular age of participants decreased by about five - ten years.

I have several thoughts related to this: Could it be that some of the changes are simply diagnosis – perhaps fewer individuals went to the doctor for knee pain prior to 1950, as they did not think there was anything abnormal about an increase in joint pain with aging?

Knee replacement was not the go-to option in the early part of the 1900s, and medication options (and pain tolerance levels) have changed significantly since then.

Her research on topics including exercise and hypertension, physical activity interventions and exercise genomics (among other topics) has been widely published. D., FACSM is the Chief of Cardiology at Hartford Health Care Heart and Vascular Institute in Hartford, CT.

She was the recipient of an ACSM Citation Award in 2011, and served as the Senior Editor for . His research in the area of heart disease and cardiac function have been widely published.

Importantly, no one in the exercise training group decreased fitness – although of course there was variability in the response.