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“It makes me think of being in an infinity pool in Hawaii.” Takeaways: Overall, these tasted a little brighter than the other categories — in particular Waiakea, one of the newest bottled-water producers on the list.This water is proud of itself for its ecominded packaging.The logic’s controversial: Pure water measures a 7, after all, and the body might well maintain a proper p H balance regardless of what you consume.

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This year, for the first time, bottled water is expected to outsell soft drinks in the United States, with consumption at around 12 billion gallons.

We can attribute the demand in part to the wellness boom — the same New Yorkers putting grass-fed butter in their coffee also want perfectly p H-adjusted water to drink after sound-bath class.

In a blind sampling, our food critic Adam Platt characterized it as “neutral and friendly.” — When it comes to the claims of beverage companies these days that their waters promote everything from superior hydration to gout relief, the science is murky.

In which case all that’s left to assess is the flavor.

The Sell: This reverse-osmosis-filtered water is sold in Tetra Paks made of roughly 70 percent paperboard.