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He introduces you to his friends with just your name; you introduce him to your friends as "my, um, friend [Name]."12.

He tells you he's going away for the week and you get excited. Not necessarily consciously, in a mirror, but definitely tallying up some reasons to end it.14.

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You consistently need to generate chemistry by having a few drinks. RELATED: How To Dump Someone You're Casually Dating Follow Anna on Twitter.

Dear Phoenix Matchmaker, I have been talking to this guy for a few months now. We were always flirty but at the cottage he made it obvious in front of all our friends.

According to 17 dating and relationship experts, psychologists and other love gurus, there are plenty of ways to combat the day in, day out lull of life.

If you're feeling a bit stultified by the daily grind, stop fussing and start trying these 17 baller suggestions. In fact, even if you're quite satisfied in your relationship, you wouldn't lose out by trying these activities, because — why not?

However, when he does text, he would text good morning beautiful and how he misses me a lot. You’ve got a lot of great things about you to hang out with, but not what he’s looking for. Whatever his motive, he’s telling and showing you he doesn’t want a relationship.