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The wholeness-of-life atmosphere of Santa Fe originates from the area’s indigenous communities, most of whom have always recognized the interconnectedness between themselves and the world around them.

More than 200 restaurants in a town of 70,000 or so makes for a terrific eatery-to-customer ratio.

Whether you are an individual seeking to resolve painful experiences such as betrayal, violence or abuse, or a couple struggling to transform conflict into passion and true intimacy, I look forward to supporting you on your path towards healing and growth.

Imago Relationship Therapy is an approach to relationship growth and healing that involves building a groundwork of safety and trust, learning to listen deeply to your partner's reality, understanding the impact of your childhood and past relationships on current difficulties, and learning effective tools for communication and conflict resolution.

They choose to call Santa Fe home because the unique culture is conductive to the spirit of creative thinking.