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An insider revealed: "Jamie cannot believe how blatant Kate's relationship has been. He is keeping some of the pictures and planning to use them when the couple divorce." It had been reported that Jamie was to cite adultery as the grounds for divorcing Kate.Meanwhile Noomi split from Swedish kickboxer Sanny Dhalbeck in October 2015.

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As we pop inside The Mercer Kitchen to order soup—paint under her fingernails and the distinctive scent of Marlboro Menthol Lights still in her hair—she asks if I want to go ice skating in Central Park later. They’ll be like, “The bands after you were fine and blah blah blah . .” Yeah, they went on at, like, 6 p.m., when the sun was down, asshole. I challenge anyone to show me a boot I like better.

What self-respecting rebel would want to skate with the tourists? My muscles felt like jelly, and I couldn’t hold anything or make a fist. I couldn’t sing or even make noise because it takes too much energy. BLASBERG: Is it weird for us to talk about what you wear, your style? BLASBERG: What were the bands you most admired when you were young?

Jamie and band-mate Alison Mosshart, 37, released their much hyped new album - Ash and Ice - in June but the the guitarist and vocalist was impressed with a lot of the feedback his music has received online prior to the release.

' If you go on You Tube and look at the likes on our videos, we've got an amazing amount of thumbs down.' ' I think that's all those people who are checking us out because they've seen me in the paper going: ' This is s**t!

But performing is one thing, and day-to-day stuff—like the way you talk to people—is totally different. The stage was black, and we felt like we were melting—the bottoms of my shoes were literally smoking.