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Many women tend not to talk about their feminine care – to their friends or even with their healthcare provider or pharmacist – and can find it embarrassing to seek help when they have any intimate health issues, which can be serious. She is powered by BETADINE® and can also help consumers discover which BETADINE® feminine hygiene products best suit their lifestyle and enable them to request samples.

AYU ist ein Facebook Chatbot mit Figur und Homestory Der Chatbot ist ein echter Service-Bot, er kann Ihnen bei Guthabenauskünfte und Tarifbuchungen helfen.

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Wenn er nicht in der Lage ist, Ihnen zu helfen, bietet er das „Weiterleiten an einen Kollegen“ an.

Bot helps restaurants receive SMS food orders from customers via text.

I possess strength both physical and mental as flex both my biceps and my brain to manipulate you.

I will pummel Your ass with a strap-on as I assume total ownership of you. And you are my object, my toy and your path will from this moment forward be defined by my whim.

Whatever my mood requires of you, be it a sissy, a gimp, a cuckold, money tap you will inescapably become.

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    If the buyer has a clean record, he or she can proceed with the purchase. The database will also flag anyone convicted of a domestic-violence misdemeanor crime (such as assault) or who has an active protective order against them.

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    When I sent Olga Smirnova money via Western Union it was recieved in Nizhni Novogorod Russia, and she claimed she was from Chernokolovo-there is at least a thousand miles between these two towns/cities which leads me to believe this is a ring of scammers who are somewhat connected in or near Nizhni Novogorod.