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I call , would you beleve it that after to days I got someone , And he was very helpfull to me .

He toll me that the download software well not work on the i-Mac and well send me a CD for the Mac.

I ALSO BOUGHT FOUR OF THESE THINGS, IT SEEMS THE REASON THE PHONE IS STAYING BUSY IS MAYBE EVERYONE IS HAVING TROUBLE. After charging for 3 hours I was able to get into the program. If I try using another drive from the dropdown menu, I get an error code. Could someone help me as I have been trying since 12/27/2007 to get tech support on the phone and still can't get through. For problems turning on the viewer, when unplugged from the computer, hold the menu button for three seconds or more, it will turn on.

i held it for longer than 3 seconds probably like 2 mins? its fully charged, pictures are on it, software works..keychain will not turn on when its unplugged.

I need to know where I can get the charger and if it is worth the cost. I have down loaded the photo viewer software, but there is no trouble shooting menu. I hope this works for you Don't have a charger solution, but for those of you that are having the 'program terminated' problem, it seems that the keychain must be connected to the usb cable AND 'usb update' enabled, as opposed to 'usb charger'. I get the software to work once and after I got the pics all up that I wanted to load on it, the "syncronize" didn't work.