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Hunt informed the company on Thursday, a US national holiday observing Thanksgiving, when most businesses are closed.

A day later, the company started resetting the passwords of affected accounts, and published a public disclosure alerting users of the breach.

"That they could pick this up immediately, protect impacted accounts, notify individuals and prepare public statements in less than 24 hours is absolutely exemplary."It's the latest historical hack from a long list of companies that have this year revealed security breaches dating back to the turn of the decade, including Disqus, Linked In, My Space, and Yahoo.

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Hunt praised the company's efforts for its quick response.

"I disclosed this incident to Imgur late in the day in the midst of the US Thanksgiving holidays," said Hunt.

People in the UK don't have the same relationship with phone numbers so I know this won't work here but if anyone can suggest any other areas where this might be useful then I'll look at building in some kind of location awareness feature so you can specify the source of the list and get results customized to the correct area or just run every area and see if a pattern emerges.

A non-code-base change is for version 2 is the move from hosting the code myself to github.

The stolen accounts represent a fraction of Imgur's 150 million monthly users.

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