Spencer w kimball quotes on dating

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To repent; to right some wrongs; to influence for good some wayward child; to reach out to someone who cries for help—in short, to thank God for one more day to prepare to meet God.

Thus, my brothers and sisters, there is so much to be grateful for...

We do not always realize this, but it is nevertheless true that to God we are indebted for every good and perfect gift. The young man who closes the door behind him, who draws the curtains, and there in silence pleads with God for help, should first pour out his soul in gratitude for health, for friends, for loved ones, for the gospel, for the manifestations of God's existence.

If a person wants to enjoy the Spirit of the Lord, let him, when something of a very disagreeable nature comes along, think how worse the circumstance might be. He should first count his many blessings and name them one by one.

Most of his hearers thought even less of it, for they would have had to pay money for the cow; and as for the other, he had only to throw his handkerchief to some girl, and she would pick it up and follow him. 19, Chapter 17, "Taking a Wife and Buying a Cow," online at Link is here.