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Of course, I wouldn't trust ticketfast either since they can print multiples and screw many many people.Hello, I posted on Craigslist about tickets but mine were for 5. When you buy the tickets it's 7 so my discount isn't as big as the 0 pair, but at least mine are real (That's what she said! If you're interested, I have hard tickets and I have the credit card statement that shows I've been charged for them.

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I will agree that this sounds way too good to be true. PDF file ticketfast tickets I NEVER trust unless I bought them from ticketmaster directly. I think your gonna find this guy is a scammer though.

I've bought lots of ticketmaster tickets from craigslist before.

and i don't recall, but i think i remember hearing that paypal won't always cover certain purchases. The seller probably just realizes that if he were to ask anything closer to face value, there'd be no real incentive for you to buy from him rather than Ticketmaster.

I've taken a cut on tickets several times just because I'd rather get some of my money back than nothing at all. Just because you pay paypal does not give you many safeguards.

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