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I'm pretty sure we are hosed until the next Minecraft update.I find that if I push the PS button, go to Quit Game which causes the PS3 to beep twice and reboot, I can sometimes get past the loading screen when it comes back up.Here is a long grumpy thread of people having similar issues: There are more than a few people referencing the hard disk buffers/cache being overloaded.

This might be of interest to those of you who already own a PS3, but for those jumping straight to PS4, you won’t even need to factor in fan noise as a consideration.

However, it is worth considering that our now two-year old PS4 is creating quite a lot of fan noise when playing games.

Like the PS3, though, it is a rather large console, measuring up at 27.5cm wide, 30.5cm deep and 5.3cm tall.

The PS3 Slim is 29cm wide, 29cm deep and 6.5mm, so it’s actually a little larger and fatter than the PS4.

Loading the World list directly causes Minecraft to attempt to load way more data then the cache is capable of holding, causing PS3 to lock up. How nice of them to make sure something they recently added works, to collect peoples money, yet the stuff we own we can't even get. I installed the 1.58 upgrade yesterday but it did not fix the problem.