Mormons updating practices

Because I want to Mountain Dew you.'Not getting it, the other man questioned what this line meant, forcing his partner in crime to explain to that orange juice is the main ingredient in Mountain Dew and that's what made the line so clever.

Disagreeing and calling the line 'bad', the other man offered his own line up, which referenced the Book of Mormon and said: 'Hey baby, are you the sword of Laban?

Captured on a hidden home security system, the two young men, dressed identically in black trousers, white shirts and black v-neck sweaters, were filmed waiting for the home owner to answer the door.

Despite repeatedly knocking on the door, the home owner failed to answer, and instead of using this time to pray or go over their religious conversion pitch, the duo instead spent several minutes revealing some of the worst lines of all time.

The first line did have a slightly religious theme - 'Hey baby, are you an angel?