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I’ve noticed that if I have an image with too much noise or grain (which is sometimes the reason I’m converting it to black and white in the first place), running it through VSCO Cam will eliminate some of it.

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Installers appear in the dialog below email/password info.

I edited the black and white image above in VSCO Cam, and it is now my go-to app for processing any black and white i Phone photos.

Those who want more control over how their images will look often opt to shoot with the VSCO Cam app (over using the stock camera app) because it contains a few awesome options.

This page is meant for Arm A 3, but the tools come with features dating back to supporting OFP files so its “wrong” to say that these are somehow arma3 tools, but…;) Three versions exists, free, pay subscription and Linux.

These numbers are important when attempting slow motion or ultra slow motion (you and I both know the importance of slow motion when your bro jumps off a cliff into ice water below and you want to capture every moment of his face during the drop).