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28 at London, Ontario’s Aeolian Hall has since been canceled.

On its Twitter and Facebook accounts, the Aeolian issued a statement: “The Aeolian is an organization which embraces diversity. You asked what was worse: the anthem or the political statements or not knowing,” he said to Hanomansing, “and I think it’s all three. That betrayal -- how do you ever trust going back on stage and thinking anything can happen at any given time?

Canadian vocal quartet The Tenors have opened up about member Remigio Pereira’s decision to alter the lyrics to Canada’s national anthem, and hold up a sign that declared “All Lives Matter” and “United We Stand” at the recent MLB all-star game in San Diego.

Listen to The Tenors' Remigio Pereira's New Statement After All-Star Game Controversy: ' Black Lives Do Matter' The group granted an exclusive interview to CBC News Network in British Columbia to address questions from reporter Ian Hanomansing.

It was the standard English and French version that we’ve always done.“There was no knowledge prior on our part; he did not ask permission and, in fact, after the fact -- I don't want to say exactly his words but if you were a fly on the wall, you would have seen three very, very angry guys in the room talking to Remigio and him saying, ‘Well, if I had asked permission, you would have said, ‘No.’”When Remigio pulled the stunt, Micallef said, “We were so shocked and, at the time, we froze. You’re singing there; you’re programmed to just keep going because it’s the anthem, so what do you do?