Secular humanist dating length of dating and success of marriage

Participant responses were recorded by the author who also served as the facilitator for two smaller groups and as a co-facilitator for a larger focus group of nine.

Seven females and 10 males participated in these sessions.

He has previously presented to national and international audiences on prior learning assessment, self-structure, counselling in northern and remote communities, the psychological effects of Indian residential schools, suicide treatment and prevention, and community development in mental health.

Although the Industrial Revolution initially promoted the role of women as primary caregivers replacing the now absent father, the development of machines that replaced male muscle power laid the seeds for female participation in the wage economy ().

While the recognition of married women’s right to own property independent of their husbands in Connecticut (1809), Massachusetts (1818), Upper Canada (1859) and elsewhere represented an advance for equality, Shammas () argued that propertied women were better off under the earlier “equity law” that obligated men to care for their wives to a level befitting their social class.

This delay has been replaced by an increase in common-law unions particularly among the 15 to 29 age cohort, with the result that the number of adults who were in either a common-law union or a legal marriage in 2011 closely matched the number 30 years earlier () demonstrated that “emerging adults” from non-traditional families (defined as common-law, single parent and non-heterosexual) demonstrated more positive attitudes toward cohabitation and child rearing outside of marriage and greater expectations of relationship success than a control group of peers raised in traditional families. Since 94% of adults during this period eventually married, we can conclude that the majority of the non-religious also married.

We would expect that many were married by civil authorities appointed for that purpose.

Robertson’s has researched and published extensively on the structure of the self.