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When he was 19, he was nearly arrested for setting off a homemade pipe bomb near his parents' home in Seaside, California.The officer encouraged young Belleci to find a way of expressing his love for explosions and special effects that did not involve getting arrested.

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He visited orphanages and installed clean water systems with "Life Giving Force," a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing clean water to communities in need.

He communicated that the trip has had a profound effect on him and that he admires the resilience of the Haitian people.

Today's TV Talk includes surprising news about three "Myth Busters" cast members leaving the Discovery Channel show; and a woman who appeared on VH1's "Dating Naked" suing because the series showed her naked.

"Mythbusters" losing 3 of its cast: Fans of the Discovery Channel popular science show, "Mythbusters," were surprised to learn at the end of the Thursday, Aug.

He later built what was essentially a homemade flamethrower.