transgender dating mtf amp ftm - Downdating women

If there is chemistry, things were just going real well, the situation just evolved to that... How do I feel about girls who give ( decent to really good head ) ? How would I see a femme who gives me head on the second date ? As to what the guy your involved with will think about it, ....... Also if your going to blow someone, what sense does it make to go no further ? But personally would feel frustrated with a woman, who's willing to go 3 1/2 bases. i think, some men might take advantage of you, buy they, are the ones that would anyway.....i think you will probably have a great life,and be one of the few women on here that will find mr right, and have a great marriage Oral sex isn't too far on a second date, but then neither is is sex, at least as far as I am concerned.

*chuckle* Indeed, it has been rare to go much beyond the first few dates. Not one man is going to tell a pretty blond w/ a nice bod that gives head on the 2nd date anything other than what she wants to hear..

Just to be clear, Down-Dating is not like when one of you is an opera singer and the other is a garbage collector but you’re blissfully happy together, compatible and who gives a damn about any discrepancy in income/status?

Or was there a particular transit in which you became a Down-Dater?

Well, I'm with the crowd that thinks..........'if she's doing this with me on date 2, she's doing it with everyone she has a second date with'...................may be OK with that, he may not.

You'll know he wasn't though when there's no date 3 and you've just sucked him off...........feels good don't it!

If he's legit, giving him the bj on date #2 isn't going to make him run for the hills.