Who is nivea dating

They dated for 10 months after getting together in Feb Because of her comments, that person said that they were no longer a fan. She released three studio albums: Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion. Jive Records subsequently dropped promotion for the project, although she appeared on Soul Train the following year and performed "Complicated", which was originally planned to be the third single.

“I’m not gonna count that out,” she told Old Man Ebro and Laura Stylez regarding the hopes of a romantic reconciliation. Dream was previously married to Nivea who eventually left to return to Wayne and he eventually married Milian, who would begin to date Wayne after their divorce in 2010. I thought that, even that was like a manly thing that kinda made our relationship and our situation I felt a little different.” Watch her full interview down below.

While out in London, England earlier this month, Nivea sat down with Nathan Devonte from Team Curtains for a one on one interview, which you can check out below.

In case you missed it, The-Dream said this about her decision to date the rapper even though they’re all connected:“I think that’s what everybody was thinking when the news broke.

Well, everybody was thinking that but supposedly Christina. I have no idea how she could NOT be thinking of that…” And to make matters worse, Nivea agreed (reposting The-Dream’s statements), and went on to call Milian a “scarecrow.” Fans of Milian didn’t take too kindly to Nivea’s comments and threw shade her way, but she had no problem responding back to them on Instagram.

I haven’t talked to her.” “The only thing I was concerned about was making sure that Violet, her daughter, is in my kid’s lives.