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Reports initially identified her as the CEO of a shopping mall and the youngest daughter of a Food Corporation’s founder.“Haha it’s only the morning and what is all this… There are so many problems with reporters hahahahahahaha So I guess I had a boyfriend for 1 year hahaha Also I apparently have a shopping mall hahaha I didn’t even know that! I really want to become a shopping mall owner hahahah I’ve never ran a shopping mall before. These articles are not true, it’s so surprising.” — Hwang Hana (Yoochun’s Girlfriend) While her message could be taken as her denying that she was dating Yoochun for one year, it seems to deny the entire relationship. I also want you people to think before you comment. This revelation led to her being dubbed as the Korean Paris Hilton.

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Yoo ha na dating

More from CLEO: Have Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo’s Families Met? I really want to say sorry and want to apologise to all of you.”He added, “…about the wedding… I hope you understand.”Read the full translation below.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell all of you beforehand. His fiancée allegedly followed up with her own personal message, telling netizens to stop leaving malicious comments about the people around her.

He uploaded a post on his personal Instagram refuting the rumors in quite an aggressive way.

, there will always be rumors made in favor of the shipped couple mostly from K-drama fans who think they “own their biases” as well as reporters who thrive on gossip rags and rumor mills.

Article: Kim Go Eun deletes all her vacation pictures with Shin Ha Gyun? why would she share a picture with Gong Yoo of all pictures at this timing...;;;; please not Gong Yoo... [ 158, -9] She wants to make something obvious, that's for sure~~ 8.