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Anything he’s trying to do with new sounds is amazing to me. I don’t think he has the ability to make a bad album.All of this albums are gauged by his previous work.

De ja vous, anyone (revisit the Brenda-Dylan-Kelly triangle from the 90s! "It's not like we're in high school anymore," Brenda tells Kelly. Annie calls out Naomi's UGGs in the cafe, where Naomi sits with a demanding group of upperclassmen, who request that she program their Side Kick & get them iced coffees in the AM (Naomi's housekeeper Penelope ends up delivering those drinks! Dixon gets jealous over Harry (Rob Estes) teaching his "real son" Sean to play lacrosse, while Silver (Jessica Stroup) notices lacrosse cheerleader Christina's (Lauren London) rah-rah over Dixon. Aw, it's clear trying to be is giving you a nervous breakdown! Naomi shows up at the lacrosse game with a midriff-baring West Bev Wildcats jersey, before Ozzie plants a wet one on Naomi. Despite their skin color, Lily falls for Zach and eventually finds the secret to her late mother's past. In Tuesday's episode, Brenda (Shannen Doherty) still tries to save her cracked out drama queen, Kellie (Jennie Garth) ditches the hot teacher (Ryan Eggold) for her baby daddy Dylan, and Naomi (Anna Lynne Mc Cord) tries to bring her parents back together. Drama queen Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) gets an intervention by the school administrators, but instead she turns on Brenda and says she doesn't want to end up like her--a drama school director. Debbie (Lori Loughlin) finally gets some screen time, as she shoots a fashion show for NYLON magazine.

"Annie, we're together, so together, like siamese twins," Ethan says. "Annie's a whore, who went out with my boyfriend behind my back when I asked her not to," Naomi says of her feelings towards Annie. "Ladies, I don't want you to waste your lives fighting over guys," Kelly advises Annie & Naomi of the importance of girlfriends, right before hearing that Brenda slept with hot lit teacher Ryan. They find solace in the fiercely independent South Carolina home of the Boatwright Sisters (Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys & Sophie Okonedo), who are beekeepers. He warns Dixon (Tristan Wilds) that he doesn't want to be third wheel to him and Silver (Jessica Stroup). " says Grams Wilson (Jessica Walter), who wants to return to her passion of acting so she can canoodle with her costars! Brenda and Kelly (Jennie Garth) are still fighting in the NEW millenium over boys...

We're kind of in this limbo area…I think if we are back for season six, there's gonna be some major changes that take place for the characters." PHOTOS: Beverly Hills, 90210 stars, then and now Alas, fans will never know what changes the writers may have had in store, but there's still plenty of drama left before the series ends.

Michael Jackson's son Prince Michael Jackson is set to make his acting debut on the finale, and the recently reunited Fall Out Boy will perform on an April episode.

90210 star Tristan Wilds was hospitalised last month (Feb12) after falling sick with Valley fever and he will miss filming on the hit teen TV show as he recovers.