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I've heard them called Keepers, those people you'd never want to lose. These successful relationship people exhibit a set of beliefs, actions, and ideals that keep relationships thriving through the good times and the bad. As you read through the list, think of people you have consistently treasured and felt valued by in return. At the end of the category descriptions, you and your partner can take the short quiz to see where you stand on each of these traits.

Keepers have fifteen consistent identifying traits. It is only for information, and not meant as a way of finding fault.

You won't usually find them leading with the package that most people think will work.

Example: She: (coming in the door from work) "Hi, honey. Because they can hold on to their own sense of excitement, their first response to an uninteresting situation is to try to make it more meaningful by using their own resources.

They know that staying bored will probably make them boring as well, and they don't want others to have to endure that.

You may also think of other traits that have been important markers in the successful relationships you've had or observed and could add them to the list.

Trait One - Keepers are self-accountable Keepers understand how love works are not afraid to question themselves.

I know I've been getting better but you do have a history of being disappointed with me. They do not allow themselves to be pulled into emotional cascades when it doesn't work for them or the relationship. I'm so stressed out."She: "Wow, I really am, aren't I? You're my rock."Keeper: (smiling) "I'm sure I get rattled on occasion, too.