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Also make sure you follow step one (noted above) as you may be able to see some unexpected locations and IP addresses if a hacker has already configured his/her email client using your Gmail account.

If you ever have concerns that your Gmail account has been hacked, you should change your password immediately, along with your security question, password recovery email, and registered phone number.

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Here’s what they told me:, which stores all your passwords in a secure vault.

It didn’t keep me safe — in fact, the hacker was able to break into my laptop and steal my 1Password master key, which gave him access to all of my passwords — but for most scenarios, using a password manager like 1Password, Dashlane, or Last Pass is a more secure option than not having one.2. A VPN (virtual private network) is a way to avoid some of the dangers lurking in public wifi networks, by routing your internet traffic through a middleman server.

It shows the last 10 logins along with the current login.

So the first thing you should do if you are interested in monitoring the activity of your Gmail account is click on “last account activity” at the bottom of your Gmail account page and check to see when and where your Gmail account was last accessed.

Hackers usually forward all emails to their own accounts and since this feature is not widely known or used, people rarely realize that someone else is reading their email.

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