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They will often claim to be in an exotic or prestigious line of work (which, by no coincidence, has the potential to put them in a situation where they then claim they need a lot of money to get out – money).

If they claim to have an ordinary job, they can still be a scammer.

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I have nothing against ethically run dating sites or apps.

However, the ratio of men to women on online dating sites and apps make it an up hill battle for men. The Washington Post reported that women comprised of 2% in sites worldwide. By having the skills to attract women, you don’t need an online dating app or site.

Requests for money could also be in the name of a faked injury or illness.

Although most of this may seem like common sense, as previously stated, common sense often goes out the window when emotions like loneliness come into play.

Most everybody has some aspect of their life that is digital.

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