Intel proset wireless internal database error occurred saving updating profile

Both programs quarantined and then deleted files in question. However, the computer is still slow on startup and comodo program when clicked refuses to open and goes into a cycle that overtakes the mouse. I did pursue trying to use scannow and DMIS, but had no success on either.

ESET LOG: C:\Users\Sharon\Downloads\Adaware_Win32/Open Candy potentially unsafe application deleted - quarantined C:\Users\Sharon\Downloads\PCHealth Boost-Setup (1)Win32/Distromatic.

I attempt to get back onto our default wireless network (name default. Whenever I try to create it as a profile, it always says “an internal database error has occured when saving/updating the profile.” I’m pretty sure it isn’t because I create the profile without security (the connection never had security before) but it refuses to let me create a profile for it or anything else, and thusly prevents me from autoconnecting to the internet.

So now every time I sign on, I have to go to the settings and tell it to choose any wireless connection if it can’t find a profile to autoconnect to, and then it promptly connects to default.

Also, when I go into the troubleshooter and look at Wireless Even Viewer, I'm seeing messages that include: Information - Profile @[email protected] for being applied Warning - CTA plugin is not installed or supported.

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