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db_file "~/.mpd/database" pid_file "~/.mpd/pid" state_file "~/.mpd/state" sticker_file "~/.mpd/sticker.sql" port "6600" auto_update "yes" audio_output The key thing to remember about mpd is that it runs and plays music in the background.There's no user interface to mpd: you need to use a client to control it.

It takes care of all the tag gobbledy-gook that we need.

To install it, enter the following commands in Terminal: Beets will match your album to an online database and correct its tags.

It's fast and lightweight—you're certainly not going to miss i Tunes in that department.

First install mpd: Homebrew will let you know that mpd successfully installed, and give you a line to copy/paste into Terminal that will automatically start mpd when you start your computer. Then create and edit music_directory "~/Music/beets" # Beets music library folder playlist_directory "~/.mpd/playlists" # Where do playlists live?

The nice thing about Sync is that it keeps everything in sync between all of your computers without requiring cloud storage.