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Eventually we were informed that we would not be able to stay open unless we had a licence, at that time Dame Porter was head of Westminster Council and she refused us a licence, the shop was closed but reopened temporarily as a venue with dance booths, customers could view naked boys dancing for £5.00...............

Thanks for so many memories, there are a few regular bars that I used that have not been remembered here.

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Hazell Dean was a regular performer(isn't she everywhere) and I can still recall a young George Michael turning up with some "friends" one night.. What can you tell me about the Copacabana Club which used to operate at 180-182 Earls Court Road?

I'm interested in hearing as MUCH history as possible about the Copa because it is going to be re-launched in Spring 2007 as a brand new gay venue "Coco Latté" a sophisticated 500-capacity lounge, bar and nightclub on the site of the old Copacabana Club.

At 0200hrs when the place closed there was some serious cruising in the car park next door and an old dis-used warehouse behind the car park.

My first date with my now partner of 26years was at this venue so it still holds special memories.

The pubs in Kent were closed by 2230 but the Bull and Pump known by most as the Pull and Dump was just getting going with the cabaret for the evening.

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    But I wouldn't read the whole study at the same time. It would be best to have your Bible handy for this Bible study. I don't always reference the numbers of each verse. It opens in a new window so you can study the Bible lesson and God's Word at the same time! 14, 15.) The point is..have nothing in common spiritually with unbelievers. ...including dating, and certainly including marriage. You may win them to most likely won't "date them to Christ." Date Christians who can understand what you go through..tough times..good times..times of prayer..times of rejoicing. Does the Bible have any advice for the teen dating scene in the 21st century about touching? Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband. And to remove any doubts...verse one (1) speaks of not "touching." Unfortunately, this verse has been abused by many well-meaning Bible teachers. This doesn't mean a guy should never, ever touch a girl. The word "touch" has been used in other places to mean "starting a fire." No..isn't talking about the time you went on that romantic date and knocked the candle over setting your girlfriend's formal on fire. If you can remember what the new word is, you can remember what the first letter of each word in the phrase is.