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Her degree from UGA is what matters the most.“To me it’s like I’m going to pay the loans,” she said. My parents put nothing into my school.” She only told one of her best friends in the beginning.

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They’re kind of like sisters.”Free will is one of the key differences with sugar dating. We have to communicate some way so I can see your face and I know who you are."On day one, she makes it clear as to what she’s willing to do.“There are weird guys out there who want to do weird things to you,” she said. “Some want weekly appointments, monthly or on an asked basis.”And she doesn’t have just one sugar daddy.

As for Seeking Arrangement, the company requires background checks on its more than 3 million members. ’ They’ll say, ‘Yeah,’ and they’ll usually show some sort of bill.” But knowing who she is in a relationship with is also important for her.“I research these people, you know, like pictures,” she said. “One guy asked, ‘How do you feel about being urinated on? Out of the 12 total clients she has engaged with, she’s actively talking to three.

She is doing this to pay for school.“They’re not as long as I’d like them to be,” she said. When it’s time to end a relationship, some of her clients aren’t in the most stable places in their lives.

“I’ll have one extravagant time like the time in Texas. Twenty-one’s are the best because you can go out and drink.”She has seen other girls mistakenly allow their emotions to get in between their sugar life. Although she tries to keep an emotional connection to a minimum, there are some clients who want to the relationship to become more serious.“Some of them are decent guys,” she said. He is in his 50s with a son close to her age.“He is just like the guy from ‘Up’,” she said.

She dates a variety of men — black, white, short, tall, young, old. This is a job — one that’s helping her cover the costs of attending the flagship institution of the state of Georgia and pursuing her hopes of becoming a nurse.“I just have to keep telling myself, ‘There’s nothing wrong with you,’” she said. Right now, this is what you have to do to get through school.’”There are rules It’s not a crime to sugar date.