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They took our data and said they will index it eventually.

在这部盲目约会喜剧/爱情片中,丹尼(克里斯·派恩 Chris Pine 饰)是一个英俊帅气的小伙子,遗憾的是,丹尼患有先天性失明症,这也是他至今还是单身的最大原因。作为丹尼的死党,拉里(艾迪·凯伊·托马斯 Eddie Kaye Thomas 饰)为丹尼介绍过很多年轻漂亮的女孩子,可是当得知丹尼失明的情况后,大家都不约而同的选择了离开。 一次偶然中,丹尼结识了印度女孩丽扎(Anjali Jay 饰),丽扎的温柔和善解人意很快就吸引了丹尼的注意,更重要的是,对已丹尼的疾病,丽扎表现的落落大方毫不在意。问题在于,丽扎很早就有了一个未婚夫,这是父母为她安排的,在印度的传统中,父母之命不可违抗。自己心爱的女人即将成为别人的妻子,身为男人怎能对此坐视不管?丹尼决定放手一搏。©豆瓣 U. Her dreams were shattered when he married a prettier Caucasian, leaving her to marry an East Indian.

Long resident in Hangzhou, Li has released several records on his own 2pi label, including solo noise work for TV monitors and an album by his avant-rock unit, Second Skin. Endlessly thrilling free psych-noise guitar blurt that bundles up enough flailing electric energy to illuminate half of Shanghai." - Alan Cummings. CHARLES SPEER returns with a new album of personalized Americana.

He also curates the annual 2pi noise festival in Hangzhou. As one casual listener once noted to the band after a performance, "You guys play both types of and psych." And its true that the sounds contained on After Hours do act on the mind as much as they tug at the heartstrings.

The Czar," features SAM MICKENS (DEAD SCIENCE)." "Piecing this one together meant running deep into the YS haze cloud that was 2005 cassette releases.