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Poor Emily Wilson has been through the ringer after a year-long battle with multiple kinds of cancer.Emily has been blogging on Tumblr, Word Press and on support group sites all over the internet about her struggles.

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When Jamilla’s cancer advanced and she became too sick to update her followers herself, a cousin stepped in and updated for her. Here she is celebrating her birthday in July of 2014, several months after her alleged death.

Jamilla posted a document about ending a lease at her rental apartment earlier this year.

She’s had to endure a colostomy, the loss of her uterus and she wrote extensively about the difficulties of being only 22 and knowing she’s going to die.

Her words touched many, including Greg Lee, the Chief Financial Officer of Livestrong.

She worked as a campus minister at an all-girls Catholic high school for two years, and entered into full-time traveling ministry three years ago.