Whether you want to slim down or bulk up, develop explosive speed or increase your endurance, define your abs or fine-tune your form, , Owens shares complete workout routines for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Actually, I was strongly seduced by the idea to become a COLT Man, because I consider those models like the top of masculinity and the most beautiful men on the earth. PC: You are romantically involved with Carlo Masi ... AC: Yes, I am very, very romantically involved with him.

Get inspired today: take control, make the mind-body-spirit connection, and find your own best body. Actor-turned-detective Tennyson Hardwick has solved two high-profile deaths in Hollywood, but nothing has prepared him for a race to save a child's life. We met during the shooting of Waterbucks 2 in Sacramento, California. He was behind me all the time, trying to be nice, or starting conversation.

In , LL let you in on the secrets of his transformation with his uniquely creative, yet no-nonsense regimen—enlivened with humor and sheer force of personality—he will inspire you to enjoy working out as never before, while building a body you never thought possible. AC: I would love to shoot a scene in a room with many mirrors around.

For more information, CLICK HERE., the exciting and compelling story of Wes and 'Tonio-- two masculine men of color (one African-American, one Latino) who confront daunting obstacles and struggles which jeopardize their monogamous relationship. I'd wear leather and touch myself, while three boys are doing everything I am commanding them to do.

Tennyson's past in the sex game cost him his new girlfriend, and he brings her to Cape Town, South Africa—a scenic film destination and playground for the rich—to try to win her back. Off-screen I am most of the times the top and I love giving oral sex to my man, Carlo. But, I must admit, I was totally indifferent with him. PC: Was the relationship easier to initiate because both of you are in the adult industry?