Fake webcam sex chat bot

Fake webcam sex chat bot-34

I have been chatting on Omegle for quite some time now and I must say that i find it rather addictive. Stranger: "no" You: But your words are very original. Stranger: "they seem simple to me" You: Like who, specifically?

During one conversation, i encountered a bot and needless to say, i was hooked on to the convo !

" WARNING: No match found for input: " You: Does "it" still refer to "whats your nmae ? Stranger: "i never said it" You: But you implied it" .

" WARNING: No match found for input: " You: My name is Nameless. Stranger: "wow" You: I'm glad your impressed, ryan" .

Stranger: "i dint say they were" You: Sorry I misunderstood.