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This is a new and expanding tool for fire managers who oversee the wildland and wildland/urban interface.Lake Tahoe is enjoying a sunny and clear day Tuesday as the next storm starts to brew in the northwest.Gaming revenue for the State of Nevada during the month of January showed a two percent gain over the same month in 2017.

The El Dorado County Board of Supervisor's vacation home rental meeting rescheduled for Saturday, March 3 has been postponed, this time due to the blizzard conditions.

This meeting was to be a continuation of the February 1 meeting in South Lake Tahoe held to dicuss the county's new vacation rental ordinance. The agenda for that meeting includes rules and regulation updates lower park parking lot winter preparation, the July 7 triathlon, signage, projects, forest thinning, amphitheater and dock projects, Lake Trail project, Music in the Park, grants, way finding and more. UPDATE: Interstate 80 has reopened at this time, but tractor-semitrailer combinations are not allowed due to traction concerns.

Mountaintop cameras from the University of Nevada, Reno spotted or tracked 240 fires in Nevada and California in 2017.

This helped to keep firefighters more situationally aware and able to mount appropriate responses more rapidly over tens of thousands of square miles of forests and rangelands, including rural communities.

If you don't need to go out on the roads around Lake Tahoe today you may want to consider staying home and keeping dry. The Caltrans snow plow is still down the embankment but crews were able to get it back up on its wheels.