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She said: "I was with a friend - it's hard for me to go anywhere, but I was getting better. "I was helping her reverse out of a car park, and there was this wooden pallet in the way."I moved the pallet and took a step over - never in my life did I think there was a hole underneath, I thought it had just fallen over. It was awful." As she fell she banged her face on the pallet, breaking her nose, suffered a suspected fractured on her leg - and was left in agony and fearful of ever going outside again.

Jack, an 18-month-old chocolate Labrador, was so scared to go outside that he would cry, shake and play dead whenever his owner tried to take him for a walk.

But the brave pup faced his fear last week after “dog whisperer” Lynne Marshall put him at ease, then used a snack to lure him outside. We wanted to help Jack get outside, but nothing we tried worked,” Judy Huddleston, 42, of Melton Mowbray told the UK Express.

It's frustrating because only now do I understand how bad it must really be and I admire her bravery because she gets in her car every day and goes to work and doesn't make a big deal about it.

It's hard for her to talk about it because it's so frustrating for her trying to convey what it feels like but I read a good one that said "its like a woman describing to a man what it's like to be pregnant".

Mr Mac Donald said: "Me and my mum and sisters would like to thank the garage workers.