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Inhabitants of Columbus can bemoan an average consumer debt that is astonishingly higher than those who call Macon their home — a difference of ,479 per person.What might explain this relative spending spree by individuals in Columbus by comparison to their neighbors to the east?

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Animal studies overwhelmingly show that a scarcity of females pushes males to expend increased energy on both of these pursuits.

The research on gender imbalances in humans have borne out similar results as those in our animal relatives, unveiling intimate associations with mating and parenting behaviors.

And as mating efforts intensify, so do a man's financial impulsivity and consumption of flashy products.

Thus, the investigators surmised that as men fiercely compete against an excess of rivals for the affections of women, the need to advertise wealth through spending and consumerism becomes increasingly urgent.

For example, an oversupply of women is linked to decreased marriage rates, more out-of-wedlock births, and diminished paternal investment.