Internet dating and exclusivity

Many people are in exclusive relationships here, and just enjoy playing in the forum's sandbox/have cyber pals here. It doesn't guarantee that the two are compatible, have similar viewpoints, are available or even if they're truly interested in one another. As long as necessary as long as each person is interested enough that there is a chance of the two of them having a relationship together. At that time, you can talk about what goes on with sites like this.

Many people are on this site to enjoy the forums, and just chat with friends here.

And, the problem with asking this question here..that you get the 10% of us who are forum junkies who may never delete our profiles, ever. I bet you if you commit yourself and sweep her off her feet then it can be as little as one date before you're the only one she notices in the entire room.

Annie That's the kinda details you shouldn't bother with. I wouldn't sum it up or narrow it down into how many dates.

The sooner you want to talk about it, the more clingy and desperate you appear.