Encountered error 1603 while updating office 2016

The Windows TEMP folders are full The system temp directory is not clean.

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For more information on the tool and a download link please visite the article linked below The following are some other 1603 error conditions and solutions we have diagnosed and documented: A file is locked and cannot be overwritten The Windows TEMP folders are full Not enough disk space Setup files were corrupted during extraction Short file name creation is disabled on the target machine Additional 1603 Error solutions A file is locked and cannot be overwritten A certain file on the machine is locked, or setup attempts to reboot because of a locked file, which fails.

To make sure that a locked file is not causing the error, close all applications running in the background, reboot the machine, and run setup again.

Either the temp directory does not have an adequate amount of available space, or it has too many files that may conflict with setup files.

Clean the default temp directory and free up hard-disk space by removing unneeded files.

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