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Despite differences in ethnic, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds, rituals are universal to family life. All families celebrate holidays or rites of passage which arise from their religious, cultural, or ethnic origins even though the number and quality of the celebrations varies considerably.

Similarly, all families practice which most clearly reflect the unique interactions of the family.

Analysis of Traditions and Rituals From Around the World There are traditions and or rituals that we participate in year after year, even though we have forgotten what the meaning is or where it has come from.

Some are even waiting until in their later years of even forties to decide to marry.

Younger men and women have other goals in life now and first want an education and a career before evening thinking of settling down.

Along with this growing interest, numerous recommendations have been made on ways to strengthen the family.

Many of these recommendations are being implemented in all parts of the world as the movement to strengthen families gains momentum.

I am not so sure that being “coupled” up by those parents as in years ago is not a better idea.

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