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Amy Ray: It’s funny because we didn’t really think long term when we first started. We just found things that we thought were good and that narrowed it down to probably a couple of hundred songs.

Once we had the song that we liked, we narrowed it down to the best version. Finally we looked at spreading it out among records that we’ve put out since the last live record, among who wrote the songs, and then band versions versus acoustic versions.

Not in an overt way, preachy way, but I mean all the good stuff the church can represent–AE: Good!

I thought I was crazy, like, “Have I been so brainwashed as a child that I think the Indigo Girls are singing Biblical references?

A lot times we would have two to three of the same songs and it would come down to an emotional response rather than a technical response. He had multi-tracked for three years all of our shows and he had all of our drives. There’s a lot of stuff in there that’s just not good.