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Dear Husband, The biggest problem damn near every man has in his marriage is sex. I’m sure your friends complain about it from time to time as well. I’m filling and refilling cups of juice and being yelled at about which cup I’ve chosen. They need the water warmer, now cooler, they need the towel, they need that one fish toy that swims, no not that one, no not that one either, yeah that one. ” I am up again to address the issue of the missing princess blanket and two minutes later up again to address the quality of the nightlight I’ve provided. Some nights by the time it’s over I am literally out of breath. I’ve been ran ragged by our sweet children I love so much.

Here is what the hours leading up to bedtime, ““, look like for me: First there’s dinner: the lovely time of day where I’m coercing children to eat their food like a damn hostage negotiator. They need an extra blanket and the pink pig stuffed animal: the one grandma got them from the zoo last summer, Once I’ve finally escaped from their bedroom and sit down someone yells, “Mom!! If you want me to happily snuggle up to you and get it on, I can’t be in a state of complete overstimulation. This challenge (in the form of an ebook) has simple but powerful daily tasks that will take you back to a place full of love and happiness.

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