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In 1 Samuel -29, Saul (God’s anointed and yet evil king at this point) conspires to get David killed by sending him out to fight the Philistines.

It doesn’t even have to be the act, but if it just smells or looks like it, it is a sin in God’s eyes.


Clive Goult has been given the task of driving the steam train this weekend, one of a half-a-dozen specially trained drivers.

If one part doesn't work, it won't go so we've got to work together."We used eight and a half tonnes of coal going from Carlisle to York and back and we'll be using a lot again this weekend."She was built in 1923 when we built things that last forever."I've had people in the shop – both young and old – asking about it all week and buying souvenirs."It's brilliant for the town, it will bring in so many visitors from all over the country who will all use the shops and the pubs." The engine is in Didcot for the first time since it underwent a multi-million pound restoration overseen by the National Railway Museum in York.

Sound & File Transfers: Using PIM V2, Prodigy users could, for example, send a recorded sound file (singing a birthday song) to a virtual surprise birthday in a special chat room with the whole family attending on-line.

Or using PIM V2, users can send photos or files within a chat session without having to exit to an external program, such as mail.

Prodigy's next generation instant messaging ("IM") product is the only one on the market that is compatible with multiple IM platforms such as IRC and AOL Instant Messenger(SM) (AIM(SM)), allowing Prodigy Chat(TM) users to talk to AOL members using AIM.