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"Ego boosts"-praise and appreciation that boosts a man up the hierarchy-can be more important than anything else. The downside of women's support circles is that they're effective only up to about thirty members. Women's circles can talk and talk and talk instead of making a decision. Women gossip to say, "You're in my circle." Women make "catty" remarks to exclude individuals from their circle. Women's egalitarian instincts keep them from society's depths as well as its heights. No time is wasted deciding who likes or dislikes whom. The top and bottom of the Great Male Hierarchy are far apart.

She'll receive plenty of attention from the men (e.g., they'll buy her beer).(However, this may not be the case at a small-town gambling establishment.) But a (straight) man who shows up at an aerobics class wearing a leotard will be ignored by the women in the class.

They won't buy him a sports drink at the juice bar afterwards.

For example, a friend invited me to the aerobics class she taught at a health club.

(She warned me not to try to pick up any of the women.) Through 95% of the class I was having mishaps.

I laughed and had fun, but my friend (the instructor) pretended not to know me, and none of the women in the class talked to me.