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), Rossum spoke about domestic violence, and her advice for others on how to help those who have either been abused, or are in an abusive relationship.

She said, "I had two friends that were date-raped, and they didn't speak up until much later.

It just makes you feel powerless that you couldn't help. People are going to open up at their own time and their own pace.

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With Butler on board (along with ”Mystic River” breakout Emmy Rossum as opera ingenue Christine and ”Angels in America”’s Patrick Wilson as the Phantom’s rival, Raoul), a project planned since 1988 finally started its long crawl into the light.

”Andrew Lloyd Webber saw ‘The Lost Boys’ in ’87 and wanted to meet me,” recalls director Joel Schumacher (”Phone Booth”).

Despite being one of the main characters in the series, she was earning less than her male costar, William H.

Macy — who supported her decision to negotiate her contract.

Macy — and let loose a string of expletives when she found out, which "only seemed to confirm [the producers'] decision." "I don't let anything send me into a tailspin," she told the magazine of her similarities to the her character.

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