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Of course you should never say that aloud on the forum because someone made an actual tiara for him.

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Since a month he moved back to our wet, cold and flat country so I invited him to the meeting. Later I was approached by Jos, “Arno, I have something for you, do you want it now or later? He presented me a wrapped package, so I unwrapped it and saw a bottle of Huppelolie (hopping oil)! Huppelolie is a tasty “kruidenbitter” (no translation), sometimes my stomach pains me and a small glass of Huppelolie does wonders. For months they have been pestering me that I should go with hem next year to Scotland again. I mean, beautiful country, Scotland, but a big chance of bad weather, cold, midgets ehrrr..

Since he is living alone some company is always welcome, so he accepted my offer. Ton is an old-fashioned smoker, preferably he smokes the same blend in the same pipe over and over. Not only to the beginning of the Highlands this time but all the way to the utmost North point at Kearvaig, where the home-bothy stands of the Kearvaig Pipe Club. midges, mediocre food (although Matron’s curry was excellent! The bothy has no shower, no soft bed and no toilet which means digging a hole outside if you have to take a dump..

And that is not some regular pure latakia, no, it is the Syrian Mountain Blue dark leaf made famous by the legendary Balkan Sobranie 759.

Soon I am going to do some home-blending and these tins will come in very handy!

As every year the annual meeting in Heukelum of the Dutch/Belgian pipe-smokers forum marks the beginning of dark and rainy autumn. And when I looked outside the window on Sunday 29 October I believed it. Like always I picked up Mark at the Deventer train station and together we drove to the carpool place where Ed would be waiting or us.