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She also alleged that Legg called her a 'b***h' when she refused his advances and twice threw chairs at her office wall when she turned him down.

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Women are up to eight times as likely to experience it as men, and those over slow down.

Your metabolism loses steam, your energy slumps, you feel colder and weaker, your heart rate drops, and your brain fogs.

Legg also allegedly once stood outside her office and pretended to masturbate using his umbrella.

Mc ILraith also included several photos that showed a sign Legg had allegedly posted outside his office for four months that read 'suck my balls' and a shot of an ejaculating penis that he drew and had asked her to contribute to.

That's why you should educate yourself to stay healthy. The butterfly-shaped gland, which lives in the base of your neck, is frequently associated with everything from fatigue to excess pounds—for good reason.