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I believe both Mom and Dad will have distinct ideas in this area; so input from both parents will be invaluable.This awareness will go a long ways in ensuring that your daughter doesn’t have a broken picker—that she won’t fall into the trap of dating boys who are not good for her.You may not be happy with her choice, but the more you push against her, the more she may lean into the boyfriend.

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Too many young girls stick around with jerky, selfish boys because they do not understand that attraction and attachment are different.

I also encourage you to tell your daughter the story of how your marriage relationship unfolded.

As early as her middle school years, take an opportunity to tell her about how you moved from attraction to attachment.

Let her know how long you were in the relationship before you knew it was the deep love of attachment.

Consider discussing the following list of stupid sacrifices with your daughter, encouraging her to think about the impact of these choices and how she might feel about their consequences, particularly if the relationship ends.