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This often includes “doula” work in caring for the dying, after-death care, and the creation and facilitation of a meaningful and appropriate ceremony.The deathwalker’s role, a hybrid of traditional and new ways of deep understanding, offers real and considered guidance at an often challenging time.For Single Evening Events, Series, Half-Day, & Mini- Workshop, Walking Tours: No refunds or course credits.

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At the peak, sex didn't interest me nearly as much as rolling around on a sheepskin rug, playing with ice, synchronizing our breathing, and seeing the ordinarily dubious virtue of deep ambient house music.

Alex and I had home rolled once before, but again, didn't have sex until the feel-good neurochemicals loosed by the drugs had begun to come back under control.

(It should come as no surprise that both definitions of chemsex derive from and are more commonly used in the UK: a place in which sex without the use of booze and/or drugs is practically unheard of.

Trust me, I'm from there.) Either way, this is the level of edgy I'm talking about.

My theory with sex and the drugs that tend to thwart erections is that if you're already in the midst of the former, the effects of the latter on your appetite for and ability to have sex will be overridden.