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This system's development take the scientific research information as an object, can enhance the school to the scientific research information management and the statistical burden, enhances the school to the scientific research information standardized management.

I dont know where d problem lies but i guess it may be internet explorer setting (may be a cookie setting needed or so). but when I try to build it says I have a 'namespace or assembly reference missing'.

Its working perfectly on my PC which is the development machine but when i tried signing-In from other client PCs on our network, after the Forms Authentication. Text, True), it keeps redirecting the user back to the login Url page without signing the user in. Directory Info("C:\Testing Ajax Site\images\") Images.

reg(username,password,confirmpassword,rolename) role(rolename,roleid) Im using the 4 from rolla sample code to customise the Create User Wizard, in order to allow me to have custom records fire into a database...

the code is bosted below, the underlined section is the code returning the error : "Reference to a non-shared member requires an object reference." Code: Protected Sub Create User Wizard1_Created User(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Created User Dim User Name Text Box As Text Box = Direct Cast(Create User Wizard Step. Find Control("User Name"), Text Box) Dim Data Source As Sql Data Source = Direct Cast(Create User Wizard Step. Find Control("Insert Extra Info"), Sql Data Source) Dim User As Membership User = Membership.

what is the difference between Register Startup Script and Register Client Script Block. App Settings["Connection String"]; When I try to build the app I am given a warning that Configuration Settings.