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Similarly, you can vote for your favourite Beatles song by heading over to the Best Song Crowner.

Happy Birthday this week to: July 30 1926 ● Christine Mc Guire / → Vocals for immensely popular sibling singing trio the Mc Guire Sisters, “Sugartime” (#1, 1958) 1936 ● Buddy Guy / (George Guy) → Pioneering and highly influential Chicago blues guitarist and singer, “Stone Crazy” (R&B #12, 1962), #30 on ) and one hit wonder novelty-pop singer, “Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb” (#4, 1959), a take-off from his character’s constant combing of his pompadour 1940 ● Big Jack Johnson / (Jack Johnson) → Contemporary Delta blues guitarist, songwriter and bandleader with a dozen critically acclaimed electric blues albums, many with social activism themes, died from an undisclosed illness on 3/14/2001, age 60 1941 ● Paul Anka / → Canadian-born teen idol/contemporary pop/easy listening crooner and songwriter, “Lonely Boy” (#1, 1959), wrote the theme for and Tom Jones‘ “She’s A Lady” (#2, 1971) and the lyrics to Frank Sinatra‘s “My Way” (#11, 1969) 1944 ● Chris Darrow / → Highly-skilled and sought-after multi-instrumentalist L. session musician, co-founded 60s eclectic folk-rock cult band Kaleidoscope, replaced Jackson Browne in country-rock the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (“Mr.

Best lasted longer, right up to their first recording session with Parlophone Records.

Then, he was infamously sacked and replaced by Richard Starkey (AKA Ringo Starr) just as they were about to make it big.

But then a second wave of Beatlemania gradually hit — too late for John Lennon, who sadly had been getting the Dead Artists Are Better effect since 1980 when he was murdered by Mark David Chapman, but everyone else got to see it.