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Not at all – just make sure that you say those three words every day.

I once heard a story about a man who was asked if he remembered all the times he went to church.

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This same principle is applied with saying “I love you” on a regular basis.

You’re not going to remember every time they say “I love you”, but it’s always so encouraging!

Something like Thrice's definition from their song "The Weight:" "Love is a loyalty sworn, not a burning for a moment." In this context, "love" means an enduring promise to be faithful to someone, not unlike a marriage proposal. What are some signs or actions that should precede or follow speaking the words "I love you"? "I love you" can mean many different things, as you mentioned, but in an exclusive relationship between a guy and girl of marrying age, it carries huge emotional weight. Our confusion about "I love you" is complicated by our too casual use of the word "love." We love about how you think and feel about the object or person to whom you are referring.

We know what we mean when we say we love a certain pair of shoes.

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