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The set Character Stream method returns a Unicode output stream.

The set Ascii Stream method returns an ASCII output stream. String Reader clob = new String Reader(""); p Stmt = conn.prepare Statement("update activity set REFERENCE = ? "); p Character Stream(1, clob, 0); p Long(2, 1); p Stmt.execute Update(); Here in Character Stream() the last parameter is the length of the clob data with which I want to update.

But it does not change anything in the clob field of oracle.

Example: Writing CLOB Data Use the set Character Stream method or the set Ascii Stream method to write data to a CLOB.

The following example reads a vector of data into a character array, then uses the set Character Stream method to write the array of character data to a CLOB. Writer writer; // read data into a character array char[] data = ; // write the array of character data to a Clob writer = ((CLOB)my_clob)Character Stream(); writer.write(data); writer.flush(); writer.close(); ...